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Things I wish I knew when I started

2 Mins read

Part One

I’ve started and stopped “working out” a lot.

Like… a lot.

Then I’d do more cardio.

I’ve had over 20 years of experience with this.

I’d lift, do some cardio, and if I didn’t see results in a week or two, I’d quit. 

No results.

No changes.

COVID gave me an opportunity to slow down and focus… really try some things out. 

If you’re just starting out, even THINKING about starting to work out, in the early trenches of working out, if you’ve been working out for a while, or if TOMORROW IS YOUR DAY… keep reading.

These are the top 4 things I wish I knew (or wish someone would have continually whispered into my skull) when I started. Stay tuned for Part 2 (numbers 3 and 4) coming soon!

Side note: Start off by taking a progress picture. I know it’s not fun. You’ll thank yourself later.

Food DOES Matter

Getting your protein in check is #1. The goal? Eat 1 gram per pound of goal weight. Every day. That doesn’t mean the rest of your day you can eat like an idiot. I did actually buy a food scale from Amazon. It was about $10. WELL. WORTH. IT.

Weekends make up 25% of the month. You can not go crazy on weekends while eating clean during the week, and expect results. Remember that progress picture? Refer again to it.  

As a self-proclaimed sugar addict, I’m all about a palette cleanser after a meal. Sure, have 3 M&Ms. We just want that taste, right? You could also have a sugar-free mint, or sugar-free hershey candy. One.  

If you’re having questions about how else to fill your day, download the 1st Phorm app (what I use) 

As a self-proclaimed sugar addict, I’m all about a palatte cleanser after a meal.

Fitness Junkee – HEATHER

Cardio isn’t the magic fix

Up until about two years ago, I never picked up a dumbbell. Why would I? I wanted to lean out, and I thought the answer was more cardio. Do more. Vary it. Walk (I’m not a runner) on an incline treadmill. Do StairMaster. Jump on an elliptical machine. Check, check, check.

Yes, cardio can assist in changing your body composition, and is generally good for cardiovascular and heart health. 

To see real changes, pick up a dumbbell. You need to get on a lifting program … MUSCLES will change your body. 

I was so worried about “bulking up” too much. Quite frankly, I also thought I was too old (at 45) to start. Would I see changes? I don’t even know what to do. (The app mentioned earlier can put together an awesome program with video tutorials for you). 

If I can see changes, I truly believe anyone can.

Grow those muscles while eating clean and sprinkling in a bit of cardio… that’s the recipe. Keep with it. 

You got this.

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon! I round out the top 4 things I wish I knew when I started working out.

Check out my Instagram and DM me with any questions you have.

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