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I’m 33 years old, a Personal Trainer, working in children’s nursery- KASIA BARNAT

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I’m 33 years old, a Personal Trainer, working in children’s nursery, Polish girl. I moved to Scotland 14 years ago, as soon as I left the school to be with my boyfriend– currently my husband ๐Ÿ™‚ I am into a lot of things: good at arts, crafts, DIY, but my true love is for fitness and bodybuilding, which I have realized when I was 26. 

What made you start your fitness lifestyle/fitness journey/fitness progress?

I have stopped smoking when I was 24 and gained quite a bit of weight (of course). A year and a bit after, I decided I didn’t like myself and said ENOUGH. My friend pushed me to sign up for the gym and so I did. I had no clue how to train at first– I watched a lot of videos and read a lot of stuff about fitness and weight loss. In the first 3 months I lost 12 kilos and fell in love with the gym for good ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks to one of the PT’s, I have fallen in love with heavy training– I will be forever grateful to that guy!

It wasn’t until the end of 2018 when I became serious about it– until then, I was on and off the gym, working out at home, cycling. In November 2018 I have hired a coach and stepped on stage in April 2019 for the very first time! ๐Ÿ˜€

Nutrition plan: tells us about your meal preps, and meal choices.

I eat clean pretty much all the time. As I suffer from pretty bad IBS, I feel really bad after having processed foods and those that make my symptoms worse (FodMap- I don’t eat anything that is high in it). As an active competitor, working on a full time basis, I have to be very organized when it comes to meal prep. I cook on Sunday afternoon for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday ,and Thursday.  Thursday is my rest day so I have time to prep for Friday.

I don’t work at the weekends so me and my husband always cook fresh at the weekends. I eat 6 meals a day, my calories and macros depend on what I am training on a day: high carbs on a heavy leg days, med carbs on upper body days and low carbs on rest days.

“Just remember that if you want it bad enough- nothing and no one can stop you! And if me — a person with hypothyroidism, who never been into sports till the age of 26, working full time and with not the best genetics could do it — You can totally do it, too!!!”


What are your workout routines, favorite workouts? etc

I train as hard as I can and I love it! I always push myself to the limits and if my weight training wouldn’t feel enough, I always add extra rounds or do a heavy circuit at the end. At the moment, I split my training into body parts: quads and calves, back and biceps, hammies and glutes, rest, glutes, chest, shoulders and triceps, rest. I also do cardio on regular basis– much more on a prep of course. And I love cycling! I even named my bike! ๐Ÿ˜€

Tell us about any competitions you may have participated in, won, or are training for

 I first stepped on stage in April 2019, which was a disaster…but gave me some basic experience. Then I placed 3rd in UKUP Scottish Championships in June 2019 and got an invite for British Finals, but haven’t placed in it. Still, the experience I got through that show was invaluable!

Currently I’m 5 weeks out from PCA Scottish Championships, 9 weeks out from FMC Scottish Championships and 13 weeks out from UKUP International Championships. I feel much more prepared and confident about my form. I have still been training throughout both lockdowns, it wasn’t easy but  it had to be done :D.

Do you have any any fitness certifications?

I am a qualified Gym Instructor, also fully qualified Personal Trainer. I also have Childcare qualifications as childcare is my main career path so far ๐Ÿ™‚

What is your secret to your fitness success, what keeps you so motivated and keeps your drive alive? 

It is the process I have fallen in love with. I love to watch how amazing our bodies are and how much control over our bodies we have. It is all in our heads– whatever we think we will do– the body will follow. This sport taught me to respect my body, cherish it, and push it to make it better and more resilient. My biggest motivation is wanting to become better– and thanks to that– it is never-ending, as I can always be better, lift heavier, and improve the physique.

What are the top 3 things you would say our readers should avoid when they start their fitness journey? 

1. Never expect quick results
2. If you hire a coach you’ll progress much faster
3. Never do it because you hate your body– do it because you love it!

Tell us about your fitness goals, and end game for when you reach your desired body 

My goal is to win a pro card and get appreciated for what I have achieved. I also would love to be successful as a personal trainer, but for now I have to focus on winning the competitions ๐Ÿ˜€
Desired body? I will never reach it! There will always be aspects I can improve- I love the process, not the end result ๐Ÿ™‚

Any advice for our readers to help motivate them 

Just remember that if you want it bad enough- nothing and no-one can stop you! And if me– a person with hypothyroidism, who never had been into sports until the age of 26, working full time and with not the best genetics, could do it– You can totally do it, too!!!

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featuredFitness Journeys

Being a single mother of 3 won't stop me.